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    Shiatsu Facial
    This is a relaxing ritual with no or minimal extractions. Probiotic enriched products rejuvenate and soothe the skin, infusing it with powerful antioxidants and stimulate cellular regeneration. Special Lifting Facial Massage performed with the highly active blend enriched with peptides and concentrated minerals builds up the muscle tone. 75 min
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    Signature Facial
    This is a classic treatment: deep cleansing and extractions followed by a mask according to your skin needs and a relaxing, reaffirming massage. 60 minutes
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    GuaSha Facial
    Chinese Gua Sha (meridian massage) fuses the TCM meridian theory used in acupuncture into Western esthetic techniques by massaging key meridian facial points along energy pathways using unique tools for increased circulation. Result is younger-looking skin and overall wellness benefit. This unique ritual is beneficial for all skin types, helping with lifting, oxygenation, rosacea and even acne. Prior consultation is recommended. Duration 75 min,
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    Incredible treatment that is performed with a special electroporation device, which allows vitamins and nutrients to penetrate through the skin using short modulated pulses of a low current to create transient aqueous pores in the skin. This is a highly effective technique. Followed by the mask with collagen fibers and or specialty serum. All products for the treatment are carefully picked according to the skin needs. Great for anti-aging and rejuvenation purposes. Duration 60 min